Hazel was the last butty boat built for Samuel Barlow under the supervision of Charles Nurser.

She was named after Hazel Stephens the daughter of the Managing Director of Barlows Ltd. Hazel was launched with a bottle of cider by Hazel Stephens in May 1957.

She was worked by Jim Collins and family with the motor boat Kent.

After passing to Michael Streat and Blue Line Cruisers  in 1962 she was sold to Wyvern Shipping Co. Ltd. who converted her for holiday cruising.

Her next owner was Roy Williams (who also bought Lucy from Rose Whitlock).

Hazel is currently being restored by Andy Marks, to whom I am indebted for much of this information.  He intends to restore her as a hotel working boat offering historical canal experience holidays around the Warwickshire ring to include Braunston and the dockyard history.

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