Boats built/owned by William Nurser

1879                        Hubert              Registered at Birmingham June 1879

                                                          an old boat dating from about 1874 at least

                                 John                 (previously Douglas)  

                                                           Registered at Birmingham in October 1879.          

                                                           John’s history can be traced back to 1865 

1881                      Lizzey

1884                      Why Not          address Braunston Wharf

September 1884    Alpha                  owned by Henry Evitts of Braunston

1886                        Harry                    steerer Emmanuel Smith

1886                       Frederick              steerer William Nurser  (eldest son born 1863?)

1889                       Alice

1891                       Frank

William's son, John was born in 1865, Harry in 1867, Hubert in 1875 and Frederick, in 1880.  Daughter Elizabeth was born in 1879.  His last two children, Alice and Frank were born in 1882 and 1885 respectively.

11.04.1893            Annie               no. 206 Sold to William Nurser, Braunston, from John Griffiths.                       Source: Mrs E.M. Bingham

1896                      Sir Isaac             Dairy & Domestic Salt Co. (Later Henry Seddon)  Daventry 126.     Reregistered at Stoke  in 1910 and renamed  Go____sly

1896                     Sir Richard         Dairy & Domestic Salt Co. (Later Henry Seddon & Sons Ltd.)

1897                     Lupus                 Dairy & Domestic Salt Co. (Later Henry Seddon & Sons Ltd.)

24.02.1897           Rose Ethel        Emmanuel Smith Brentford

1897                     Victor                 Dairy & Domestic Salt Co. (Later Henry Seddon & Sons Ltd.)

1898                    Holly                   Henry Seddon & Sons Ltd

1898                    Ivy                       Henry Seddon & Sons Ltd.

14.03.1906            Brentford          Emmanuel Smith Brentford

                              Kingston           Emmanuel Smith Brentford

19.06.1906  Smethwick        Ludlow  13943      William Nurser & Sons Braunston                                                           (late FMC Ltd 109)  Source  Mrs E M Bingham

08.05.1907           Daventry            Emmanuel Smith Brentford

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