Walter Bernard Nurser

Although not a partner in the business, Walter, brother of Charles and two years his senior, had many dealings with the company.  In 1901, at the age of 26, the Census describes him as a ‘servant’, living at the house of Mary Bucknill, the large house, still in existence on the hill behind the Wharf.  In 1911 he is married to Frances Steanes, with two children but still at the same address.  Frances Steanes sister, Emily, married William Dickens, cousin of the novelist Charles Dickens.  (See the Dickens - Nurser connection.)   By 1939  he has moved back to Champion House, the original Champion Inn purchased with the dockyard by William Nurser.  That year’s Census records him as Haulage Contractor and Coal Merchant.   Various dealings with Nurser Brothers are recorded in Frank Nurser’s Account Ledgers from 1932 - 1940.  They include an unchanging 13/- a month for garage rental.  Like his brother Charles, he was a staunch Methodist and the corrugated iron outhouse adjacent to the house, built so that boatman did not have to receive their wages in a pub (with its attendant dangers) was used for church services and acquired the nickname of the ‘tin tabernacle’.

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