Charles Nurser

Very few photographs exist of Charles Nurser at work.  He was a shy man, reluctant to be in the limelight and kept well out of the way, for example,  during the filming of 'Painted Boats'.  However his famously upright bearing and trademark hat make it likely that he is seen here, inspecting the lay up of a new boat

Rushall177 (1)

He may also be seen in the  above postcard (which was in his possession) standing proudly under the triangular end roof of the construction dock.  As the postcard below was also in his possession, he may well be the figure midships below

Rushall180 (1)

These are the bevel boards, used by Charles for checking angles during construction.

After retirement in 1941 he still visited the dock to keep an eye on the last few boats built by Barlows until ill health prevented him.  This is the letter sent him by Captain B. W. Patterson, Managing Director of Samuel Barlow.

IMG 0004

Photograph that appeared in the Rugby Advertiser.  Charles is working in 'The Stables' at the bottom of his garden at The Villa, High St., Braunston.  He is painting two stools that he had made for his grandchildren, Graham and Pamela.

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