Chronological index of boats built and listed in Charles Nurser's notebook 

1908                                  Croxley              W. Smith

1909                                   Kirtlington          The Oxford Cement Co.  Kirtlington

2 June 1909                       Richmond           Emmanuel Smith Brentford for the Teddington & Richmond

Early 1910                        Bletchington       The Oxford Cement Co.  Kirtlington

                                         Primrose Violet    Harry Humphries

                                         James                 Potts & Son Dukinfield


September 1910               Eric                    Potts & Son Dukinfield 

December 1910                George               Roger & Son Wolverhampton 

January 1911                   Tackley               The Oxford Cement Co.  Kirtlington

March 1911                      Portia                 Shropshire Union

April 1911                       Ophelia               Shropshire Union

May 1911                        Titania                Shropshire Union

June 1911                      Cleopatra             Shropshire Union

September 1911            Miranda               Shropshire Union

October 1911                Cassandra            Shropshire Union

December 1911            Mary                    Wolvercote Mill Co. Oxford

February 1912             Othello                 Shropshire Union

February 1912             Spey                    Salt Union Ltd

April 1912                   Danube                 Salt Union Ltd

2nd May 1912             Grouse                  Shropshire Union

December 1912           Jeannie                 The Power Canal Transport Co.  Birmingham

April 1913                   George                 Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

April 1913                   Marjorie                Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

July 1913                    Caroline                Wolvercote Mill Co. Oxford

September 1913         Margaret               Nelson & Co. Warwick

January 1914             Irene                     Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

January 1914             Robert E. Lee         Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

May 1914                   Frances                 Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

19 July 1914              Rose Ethel              Emmanuel Smith.   Brentford

October 1914            Bertha                   Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

May 1915                  Blockade                Shropshire Union

May 1915                  Alien                     Shropshire Union

September 1915      Princess Mary          Charles W. Roberts.   Deanshanger

October 1915           Jessie                     Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

February 1916         Gerald                    Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

June 1st 1916          Nora                       Joseph Raynor.  Runcorn

July 1916                 Hungerford             Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

6th October 1916     Ian                        Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

December 1916        Donald                   Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd

January 1917            Nellie                     Joseph Rayner.   Runcorn

March 1917              Charles                  Brunner Mond & Co. Ltd.

May 1917                 Bourne                   Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

July 1917                 Bannon                  Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

December 1917        Beaver                   Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

July 1918                Calder                    Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

October 1918          Cherwell                 Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

February 1919        Devon                    Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

May 1919                Doon                     Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

January 1920          Nora                      Henry Seddon & Sons.  Middlewich

April 1920              Jean                       Henry Seddon & Sons.  Middlewich

November 1921      Rhodesia               Chas Nelson & Co.

February 1922        Sea Spray             Potter & Son. Runcorn

March 1922            Princess Mary         Chas Nelson & Co.

May 1922               The Pole Star         Midland & Coast Canal Carriers.  Wolverhampton

July 1922               Captain Cuttle       Chas Nelson & Co.

17 October 1922    The Queen             Emmanuel Smith & Sons.  Brentford

December 1922      Orion                    Midland & Coast Canal Carriers.  Wolverhampton

July 1923               Blue Lias               Kaye & Co. Ltd. Southern Works.  Rugby

July 1923               The Game Cock      (Motor Boat) Chas Nelson & Co.

September 1923     Beaver                  Henry Seddon & Sons.   Middlewich

November 1923      Badger                 Henry Seddon & Sons.   Middlewich

March 1924             Esk                      Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

June 1924               Erne                     Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

September 1924     Jason ii                  (Motor Boat)  Chas Nelson & Co.

October 1924         Geneva                   Chas Nelson & Co.

December 1924      Weasel                   Henry Seddon & Sons.  Middlewich

July 1925               Forth                      Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

October 1925         Frome                    Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

March 1926            Madge                    Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.  Glascote

20 July 1926          The Miller               Emmanuel Smith Brentford.  Sold to H. Seddon

October 1926         Emscote                 Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd.

December 1926     Gifford                    Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

February 1927       Hudson                   Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

Nurser Bros.

29th December 1928  José                  Rupert Craven Faringdon.  H. Millard (Captain)

31st December 1928  16’ Fishing Punt  Sir C. Knightley

June 1929             Bascote                    Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd.

1929                     Fishing Punt             Major Garrard.  Welton

16th December 1929  Rose of Sharon   Taken away G. Grantham.  Banbury

June 1930             Kym                       Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

25th July 1930      Fishing Punt            Lord Breadalbane

October 1930        Kubina                    Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

3rd February 1931Empress of Britain    Taken away John Green.  Macclesfield

2nd June 1931      Lea                         Taken away Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

6th October 1931  Duchess of Atholl     Taken away John Green.  Macclesfield

7th May 1932        Mole                       Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

7th February 1933 Otter                      Henry Seddon & Sons.  Middlewich

June 1933             Bricklayer’s Flat        U. C. Co. Ltd.

4th July 1933        Ferry Punt               Gravel Co.

10th August 1933  Fox                        Taken away Henry Seddon & Sons.  Middlewich

November 1933     Duchess of York       John Green.   Macclesfield

March 1934           Prince of Wales        John Green.   Macclesfield

July 1934              Oka                        Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

7th February 1935 Pearl                     Taken away Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

27th May 1935      Royle                     Taken away Thomas Clayton Ltd.  Oldbury

30th October 1935 Susan Sheila         Taken away Captain Elisson-Carr.  Northumberland

February 1936        Hood                             (Motor Boat)  Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

May 1936                Rea                     Thomas Clayton Ltd.   Oldbury

October 1936         Tiger                    Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

December 1936      Drake                   Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

13th April 1937      Wasp                   (Motor Boat)  Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

3rd July 1937         Heather Bell         (Motor Boat)  C. March.   Worcester

30th October 1937  Victoria               (Motor Boat) John Green.   Macclesfield

February 1938        Mary                   Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

April 1938              Iran                     Henry Johnson Ltd.  Birmingham

July 1938               Daphne                (Motor Boat)  Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

7th October 1938   Benevolence         (Motor Boat)  John Green.  Macclesfield

11th November 1939 Sheila              Taken away (Motor Boat) John Green.   Macclesfield

1939                       Gort                    (Motor Boat - waiting for engine) Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

1939                       Ironside              (Butty Boat)(painting not finished)Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

September 1940    Hardy                   (Motor Boat)  Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.

April 1941             Prince                   (Motor Boat) (partly finished) Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd.


Nurser Bros.

Built  22 Butty boats

11 Motor Boats

3 Fishing Punts

1 Ferry Boat

1 Bricklayer’s Flat

Barlow Ltd. after Charles Nurser's retirement but where he was present at lay up

April 1942                    Winston               (Motor Boat)

November 1942            Kent                   (Motor Boat)

June 1943                     Malta                  (Motor Boat)

April 1944                     Iona                    (Butty Boat)

March 1945                   Gertrude              (Butty Boat)

January 1948               Ian                      (Motor Boat)

1950                             Grace                  (Butty Boat)

24 February 1953         Lucy                    (Butty Boat)

1957                             Hazel                   (Butty Boat)

Barlow’s Ltd.  Charles Nurser not present at lay up

June 1958                   Raymond            (Butty Boat)  


     © Graham Nurser 2012