Hazel was decorated by George Crowshaw and his ‘young nephew’ (Coventry Evening Telegraph 2.7.57).  Does anyone know who that ‘young nephew’ was and whether he is still alive?

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Does anyone recognise the provenance of this stool?.  Painted at Braunston in the twentieth century.  On display at the recent Ron Hough commemorative display but not by him.


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Cockerel Cabin Block by Frank Nurser

I have had an enquiry about a cockerel cabin block painted by Frank Nurser for Chas. Nelson & Co. which features as a colour plate in Tony Lewery’s book: Narrow Boat Painting.  Does anyone know where it can be found?

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I wonder if anyone can identify the artist  who painted the two stools above.  They both come from Braunston and are clearly by the same hand.

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William Thomas & Harry Sidney Nurser

I have little information about the Yard whilst it was owned by the two elder brothers. They are also a gap in the family tree.  Any information  gratefully received.

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Braunston Vintage Boat Rally

Greatly looking forward to this year’s Vintage Boat Rally at Braunston.  Everyone so enjoyed the Nurser reunion last year that a number of us are planning to repeat the experience.  I myself will be there on the Saturday.  Looking forward to seeing who wins the Nurser Award for the best turned out boat this year.

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Dockyard Plan

I’m looking for a plan of the dockyard from early in the twentieth century.  Anyone any ides?


Braunston Vintage Boat Rally

Great weekend at Braunston withe unveiling of the family plaque.  Thanks to Tim Coghlan for making it happen,  To Timothy West and Prunella Scales for graciously unveiling it and presenting the newly instituted Nurser Award.  Also to my lovely cousin Sheila for keeping us fed and watered.  A lot of us are talking about attending again next year.  Could be an annual reunion.  It's a superb event!

Does anyone know what happened to 'Grace' - built 1950 by Barlows when Charles Nurser had retired but Frank Nurser was still running the yard?

Thanks to Carl for telling me the sad news that she was broken up at Gayton yard in the early 80s.

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