Edward King

Photograph from the King Family Collection by kind permission of Chris Jones.  Taken in the 1880’s

Edward King was born around 1831.  The son of Thomas King and Charlotte his wife.  He was a boatman's son from Berkhamstead and served his apprenticeship on the fly boats between London and the north.  He became a boatman himself  and married Rose Hannah Garrett from the Garratt boat family.  They had 14 children though only 5 reached adulthood.  Edward became a Methodist in 1866 at Paddington Union Hall after the loss of a child and learnt to read and write shortly after.  He often preached to the boatmen about his faith.

Edward worked his own boats from the 1870s and had a number of boats maintained at various yards including Nursers.  He primarily worked coal traffic between Warwickshire and London and Watford though he seems to have worked as a subcontractor for many of the major merchants in the Herts and London area carrying all sorts of loads. 

He worked boats until 1897 and then retired with his 2nd wife to Yorkshire where he died in 1907. 

I am indebted to Chris Jones for this information.

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