A new boat at Braunston nearing completion

Photo: Robert Longden/Robert Longden Archive.  National Waterways Museum.  Ellesmere Port.  Also reproduced in ‘A Canal People’ ed. Sonia Rolt

“A sight not to be repeated.  A new boat and a new oak stern-post under the sheds at Braunston, the adze which has largely formed her boldly set across her bows.  Charlie Nurser, Frank’s brother, who with him had owned there boatyard before Samuel Barlow Company took it over, would have come down from the village and by a combination of familiar signs aloft and runic heel markings in the earth below, her keel would have been laid.  The boat is probably the motor Ian and by such traditional measuring, would every wooden narrow boat have been created.

     © Graham Nurser 2012