Major Garrard.  Welton

Welton Place

The Clarkes had been settled at Welton since around 1596 when Joseph Clarke, High Sheriff in 1758, built Welton Place. Joseph

established what was to be known as ‘The Big House’ which belonged to the Clarke family for a further century. Situated by the lake they planted rare Cedar trees some of which are still there and protected.

Joseph left the house to his brother Richard Clarke of Nortoft when he died and Richards wife inherited at his death in 1774. His great nephew John Plomer inherited the Clarke estates and added the surname to his own in 1774 but it seems did not own Welton House until he purchased it in 1804. He married in 1806 the daughter of Sir John Nelthorp, a Miss Anne-Marie-Charlotte. He raised the Daventry Volunteers in 1813 and was High Sheriff in 1814. He also commanded the West Northants Militia and died in 1826.

The large house was eventually rented to Major Harry Sebastian Garrard who was the the Crown Jeweller and world renowned for important jewellery works. These include one of the most enduring images of Queen Victoria where she is wearing a small diamond crown made by Garrard in 1870.

In 1911 Garrard created Queen Mary’s Crown for the Coronation and the Imperial Crown of India worn by King George V later that year, at the Delhi Durbar. The Imperial State Crown was remounted by Garrard in 1937, and then further adjusted for H.M. The Queen for the Coronation in 1953.

It is said that royalty may have visited Welton Place but no evidence has been found in our research to substantiate this claim. We also are not certain which dates the Garrards lived at Welton Place but it seems to be some time in the late 19th century.

Sadly Welton place was at some point converted to flats but ultimately demolished in 1972. 

We understand that the deeds, family and estate papers incl household accounts are available at the The National Archives covering the Clarke family from 1366 to 1896! 

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