The last boat completed by Nurser Brothers.  Hardy had been sunk for at least four years before being raised by Matthew Armitage, M. D. of Tooleys Historic Boatyard Banbury, Jamie Simmons and Ian Staples on the 15th May 2018. 

Chris Harlow has provided the following information:

Hardy was engaged in the Dairy run to Banbury in the latter 1950s and early 1960s. 

S Woolford, worked for Meinertzhagen (who took over from Barlow’s) in 1961 steering the boat on those runs. 

 After Blue Line, Hardy was sold to the Measham Anglers, who used it to run up and down the Measham Branch keeping the weed down. It was too long to wind except at the junction, so a better boat (US Ship-to-shore Liberty launch) was found to keep their weed down, and Hardy traded as much as she could 1966-1970. 

Hardy is now registered as a Historic Vessel -

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