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This site attempts to draw together various resources which give a picture of the life and times of Braunston dockyard when it was owned and worked by the Nurser family between 1876 and 1941.

It is intended to be a living archive, resource for all and a vehicle for me, as grandson of Charles Wesley Nurser, to learn more about my family history.

Any information, suggestions or corrections will be gratefully received and every attempt will be made to improve the accuracy and scope of the contents.

On the 29th July 2013, on the occasion of the Annual Braunston Vintage Boat Rally, Timothy West and Prunella Scales unveiled a plaque commemorating the Nurser family.  As well as the unveiling, Tim Coghlan, the current owner,  has  instituted an annual 'Nurser Award' for the best preserved and restored boat at show.  

The last boat completed by Nurser Brothers, Hardy, (September 1940) has been raised by Matthew Armitage, Jamie Simmons and Ian Staples of Tooleys Historic Boatyard Banbury.  She has been sunk for at least the last four years.

See a photograph here

Delighted that Daphne put in an appearance at Braunston Vintage Boat Show.   She weas built by Nurser brothers in 1938.  Photographs here.

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